Banana Republic teamed up with Virgin America for the first ever live-tweeted in-flight fashion show for their new Mad Men inspired collection.

Love the creativity on this one. 

Also love that an entertainment brand like Mad Men has extended it’s influence into real world products. All around amazing and creative.

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Hope you got some ice for the burn, Cap!

Ooooh Tony. *snap snap*

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Early this morning, Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted the very first picture from Disney’s The Lone Ranger which began shooting this week.

Here’s Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in costume for the very first time!

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Ubisoft’s upcoming Tom Clancy game is set in the near future. The main draw of the game is the ability to play as one of these elite soldiers and use cool weapons of the near future. So to launch a few of their videos, Ubisoft recruited Richard “Mack” Machowicz who hosted a Discovery Channel show called Future Weapons (TV series which covered real, future weapons in testing/development in the military). The Ghost Recon game videos are featured in three short episodes of Future Weapons. 

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 (TBA)


The big news coming out of Apple’s keynote today was the introduction of an improved iPad along with some minor upgrades to the Apple TV and iCloud service.

The new iPad

The next generation ipad offers a number of new improvements while staying at the same price point as the iPad 2. Five major improvements make the new iPad different:

Retina Display 

  • The screen resolution has been overhauled and now features a larger resolution than HDTVs - 2048 by 1536 pixel resolution. Color saturation has also been improved by 40%. Existing apps will be scaled up and text will automatically be rendered in higher resolution. Content will look beautiful, but has the potential to look amazing if developers are willing to spend the extra time to polish it up.

A5X Processor

  • The quad-core graphics processor makes the new iPad faster and more powerful.

iSight Camera

  • In addition to speed and power, the A5X chip has an improved camera built in – 5-megapixel backside illuminated sensor on the back, 5-element lens, IR filter, and ISP. The setup is the same as the iPhone 4S, aside from the megapixels. In addition, it is capable of capturing video in 1080p.

Voice Dictation

  • The soft keyboard has a microphone button that converts voice to text.


  • Network speeds will be much faster, especially when in 4G LTE coverage. Apple claims speeds of 73Mbps on LTE, 42Mbps on DC-HSDPA, and 21Mbps on HSPA+. In comparison, the iPad 2 topped out at 7.2Mbps on HSPA. Internet content will load faster and streaming videos will buffer a lot faster.

With all the new improvements, the new iPad is able to boast the same battery life as the iPad 2 – 10 hours of battery life or 9 hours on 4G. Some rumored that the improved Retina Display and other components will increase the price of the new iPad. Those rumors can be put to rest as Apple is setting it at the price point that the iPad 2 originally was at and it will be available on March 16th.

Apple TV and iCloud

The rumors and hopes of Apple revolutionizing the TV set was far from what Apple presented. The Apple TV remains a hobby and received minor improvements over the last generation. It now supports 1080p video and the interface as been streamlined.

iTunes in the cloud now supports movies. Users will be able to re-download movies and TV shows that they have purchased on any device, and the content now supports 1080p.

Source: Engadget

News stories usually cover the negativity associated with playing video games, especially in regards to violence. But there are many good things to be said about them. A growing body of university research suggests that playing video games helps improve creativity, decision-making and perception. Even violent video games can have healthy effects, which were reported to have the strongest beneficial effect on the brain.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Apple TV out of stock in 98% of U.S. Apple stores  prepare for something new

According to Mac Rumors, just about every Apple Store is currently out of stock of Apple TV, generating rumors that during the announcement tomorrow, there’s likely to be an unveiling of a new version.   The majority of the stores are saying that the first date for available pick-up will be this Friday, March 9th.  The new model is said to potentially be able to support high-res, 1080p video content.


Mercedes-Benz presented their F-CELL hydrogen by creating an invisible car in order to emphasize that it makes little to no impact to the environment. To create invisibility effect, LEDs were attached to one side of the car with video fed by a camera on the other side.

Source: Mashable